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How to customize the payment page?

When the merchant decides to use the standard Computop payment page, there possibility to insert his logo and customize up to 9 specific fields (also called CustomFields) of the payment form.


Parameter Format CND Description
CustomField1 ans..50 O Amount and currency of the transaction
CustomField2 ans..50 O Order’s number
CustomField3 ans..50 O Merchant’s logo, URL of the logo. Format: .png
Logo can be in any size, templates will adjust the preferred size.
CustomField4 ans..50 O Order’s description
CustomField5 ans..50 O Buyer’s information
CustomField6 ans..50 O Shipping information
CustomField7 ans..50 O Delivery information
CustomField8 ans..50 O Name of a new field added by the merchant
CustomField9 ans..50 O Value of a new field added by the merchant
URLBack ans..100 O Page to return if customer decides to cancel the payment form
using "x" button in upper right corner
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