Setup Computop Settlement File (CTSF)

What you require

In order to be able to automatically import the Computop Settlement File (CTSF), you will find the relevant structure in Computop Paygate Documentation.

The Computop Settlement File is made available to you in the Computop Analytics Back-Office.
If you also wish to collect it via sFTP, please let us know by sending an email to We will send you further information on setting up the sFTP.

Below you will find information on possible coding and line separators.

  • Coding
    • Standard Unicode (default)
    • ASCII
  • Line Separator
    • line feed-LF-\n-  (default)
    • carriage return line feed-CrLf-\r\n

If you wish to adjust the default settings, please let us know by sending an email to

Note: The above options are only available for collection via sFTP. The default setting is mandatory for file collection via Computop Analytics.

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