Setup Limonetik (Cofidis,, Cetelem, Cheque Vacance, Facilipay)

What we require:

In order to process transactions for you using the provider Limonetik, it is necessary that we request an account at Limonetik for you. For this reason, please answer the following questions.

Does your website offer one of the following services?


  • Hotel room reservations, ski rentals, merchandise to be collected in-store or other services that require the bank card used for the payment to be displayed on the host page?
  • Media, music or other subscriptions that require a regular amount to be debited automatically from the bank card?
  • Travel reservations that require the immediate payment of an advance, with the balance due before departure?
  • Opportunity for users to add articles to their order after the payment?
  • Goods or services sold through your website for other vendors (Marketplace)?
  • Bank card payments refunded with gift vouchers?
  • Payment in currencies other than the Euro
  • Please provide the name of your Website/URL:
  • Please provide the pay method(s) you would like to process via Limonetik: Cofidis,, Cetelem, Cheque Vacance, Facilipay

Please send us the necessary information by email to

Limonetik will create an account for you, which we will configure in your Computop MerchantID.

We will inform you once the setup has been completed.

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