What you require

In order for us to process payments via the provider PayU for you, it is necessary that you make the following settings in your PayU account.

Capture Auto/Manual

Choose in the PayU backend at Automatic Collection, whether you want to capture the transactions with a time-delay (manual) or automatically (auto).
Please let us know your capture default, because we need to configure this default on your MerchantID analogue to your setting in the PayU backend.

IPN (Instant Payment Notification)

Furthermore activat the following paramters:


What we require

In order to set up the payment method PayU in our systems, we need the following data from you:

Capture Auto/Manual

Please let us know which standard capture procedure you have chosen in the above mentioned area.

  • Capture = Manual
  • Capture = Auto

Account data from within your PayU Backend

In general you should have separate account data per country (Hungary, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine)

  • Country
  • MerchantCode
  • Hash Key


Possile payment methods

Please let us know which interface you will implement:

  • PayUALU - interfaces: paySSL.aspx, paynow.aspx, direct.aspx
    The transactions will be placed directly (S2S) in the PayU system or the customer will be redirected via the form.
    The main advantage is, that you submit the credit card data directly.
    Please note, that with the paynow.aspx the Merchant will get into the extended PCI scope and the direct.aspx requires a complete PCI certification.

  • PayULU - interface: payucee.aspx
    The transactions will be placed via the payment method selection in the PayU system.
    The customer selects his payment details, which the merchant has created.

Please send us the necessary information by email to helpdesk@computop.com.

We will inform you once the setup has been completed.


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