Testing correctly - credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express / AMEX)

Computop offers you multiple possibilities for testing your credit card connection.

  1. Option: Computop does not yet have your acquiring data (standard)
  2. Option: Computop already has your acquiring data
  3. Option: Simulation of certain payment statuses
  4. Option: EMV 3D-Secure 2.x

The test options apply to the following interfaces and simulate the following actions:

  • Interface: payssl.aspx, direct.aspx, Paynow.aspx, terminal application
  • Actions: Authorize, Capture (default=auto), Credit, Reverse

1. Computop has not yet received your acquiring data (standard)

Each Computop MerchantID is in standard test mode immediately after generation.
This means you can simulate payments with the following test credit cards.

The cards for testing purposes you'll find in our online documentation:

Enter any date in the future as the expiry date and enter any number as the card verification number (it is not a mandatory field)

2. Data of the acquirer are available for setup at Computop

Every Computop MerchantID is in test mode after successful setup until final activation. This means that the debit mode is deactivated in Paygate.

Tests are carried out during this phase with real cards. All submitted reservations reduce the limit of the respective card. They can be cancelled at any time, alternatively they expire automatically at the respective bank, usually after 7-14 days.

Note: Bookings as well as credits are not possible.

3. simulation of a specific payment status

Regardless of whether Computop has your acquirer's data or not, you always have the option of simulating payments. Payments only pass through Paygate without communicating with the acquirer.

Tests are carried out in this phase with real cards. However, it is ensured that no reservations are made on the card.

For this purpose pass in the parameter OrderDesc the last 4 digits of the desired payment status you want to get back. You'll find a description in our online documentation:

You will also find a complete list of all payment statuses in our documentation:

Note: Due to the lack of passing on payment information to the payment provider, the simulation does not return any payment type-related parameters in our response (e.g. schemeReferenceID, installment plans, PayPal BillingAgreementID, credit information, etc.). We only get these back in tests without simulation and forward them to you.

Important: The simulation always has priority over the other two options! Therefore, if you transmit the OrderDesc with one of the status values described below, you always receive the result of the status.

4. EMV 3D-Secure 2.x

The 3D-Secure 2.x procedure requires special test routines based on different test scenarios. All the parameters and test card numbers are available in the Computop Paygate documentation.

Note: The test routines must be set up specifically in your test account/MerchantID, therefore please contact us in advance at helpdesk@computop.com.


Successfully tested - I want to go live!

As soon as you have successfully completed your test phase, we will gladly switch your MerchantID into live mode. Please send us an e-mail to helpdesk@computop.com with your MerchantID and the planned live date. We will then activate the booking mode and confirm the activation.


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