How can I use the hosted solution for Google- and/ or Apple Pay in standalone mode?

It is possible to use the buttons for Apple and Google Pay hosted by Computop without an input mask for card data, i.e. in standalone operation.
To do this, simply use the Computop Hosted Payment Page and restrict the payment methods offered for selection to Apple and Google Pay.
One of the advantages with this implementation is that you do not need your own developer accounts with Google and Apple and also no regular certificate renewal.

The following points should be noted:

- In order to use Google and Apple Pay, an activation is required and the payment methods must be contractually fixed. Please contact your sales contact at Computop for this.
- With the parameter "PayTypes" (So for example "PayTypes=GooglePay|ApplePay"), which can be passed in the unencrypted part of the call, you limit the displayed payment types to the two wallet payment types.
- Please also send the "MsgVer=2.0" parameter in this implementation, as Google Pay transaction can be routed to the 3DS2 flow on Windows devices, for example.
- Please send the parameter "OrderDesc=Test:0000" for test transactions.


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