Global standard information on the procedure

We have dedicated a chapter especially to the EMV 3D Secure procedure 2.x, which can be found inside the Computop Paygate documentation. In it you will find all the necessary information on integration, testing and use cases.

Integration methods (incoming interface at Paygate)

You can find the integration methods directly within the Computop Paygate documentation.

Use cases & Testing

In the case of the 3DS-2.x procedure we have created a separate page for you in the Computop Paygate documentation about different use cases and possible testing. On this page the differences to the 1.0 feature are explained in individual steps and it is also stated in detail which additional data has to be sent for the 2.x procedure and what recommendations we make in this respect.

Please go through every single point on this page, i.e. we describe the fundamental changes in the first chapter (General technical adjustments).
In the second chapter (Use cases for transaction flagging) we go into the additional Credential on File (CoF) flagging. Here we describe the different options and how you as a merchant have to set/send the flagging in the various cases.

Note: As part of the obligatory PSD2-3DS-2.x integration Computop provides you with a global Test-MerchantID (Test-MerchantID=Generic3DSTest). With this you can easily carry out the first integration tests with the test cards shown in the documentation.
You can find the keys to encrypt the data request using the corresponding Analytics Login.

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