Transitioning from Blowfish to REST API with Computop Paygate

Maybe you are using the Blowfish interface for payment processing and consider a shift or addition of the REST API. This decision raises questions about the feasibility and simultaneous operation of both interfaces.

Simultaneous Use of Blowfish and REST:

  • Compatibility: It's feasible to use both the Blowfish and REST interfaces under the same MerchantID. This offers flexibility and allows for a gradual transition without disrupting existing payment processes.

Transitioning to REST API:

  • REST API Key: The Merchant Services Team provides the necessary REST API Key for authentication and secure communication with the REST API.
  • Advantages of REST: The REST API offers a modern, standardized interface that is easier to integrate and maintain. It supports various authentication methods and ensures high security standards.


Merchants currently utilizing Blowfish can seamlessly integrate REST as an additional or alternative interface. The ability to use both interfaces under one MerchantID provides flexibility and eases the transition. With the support of the Merchant Services Team and the provided REST API Key, the transition can be efficiently and securely managed.

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