General information about Fraud prevention

Computop Paygate supports different processes for fraud prevention. These include inquiries with credit agencies for the monitoring of the card's country of origin and payment guarantees for credit cards.


A large proportion of fraud attempts come from foreign countries. Computop Paygate can check the country of origin and, in many cases the city of the IP address used. If the country of origin or the IP address of your customer is not one of your supplies countries or is not the same country as the credit card Issuer, Computop Paygate can send an alert via e-mail or automatically refuse the payment.


75% of all fraud attempts are made with foreign credit cards. Computop Paygate can check the card’s origin: If you enter the delivery country as a parameter, Computop Paygate returns the country of origin of Visa and MasterCard issued cards and sends an e-mail if the delivery country differs from the card’s origin. You can then find out from the customer why the card’s origin differs from the delivery country to avoid fraud. Computop Paygate can optionally refuse such payments immediately.


The following services are possible

  • Fraud prevention by checking and blocking the IP address
  • Fraud prevention by checking and blocking the card origin country
  • Comparison of the IP address and the card country of origin

Please note:

Geoblocking, i.e. the blocking of payment transactions based on geographical criteria, is not permitted for countries within the European Union according to EU Regulation 2018/302.

Countries outside the EU, for example Russia or Belarus, are not covered by this regulation.

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