Customweb Module / Cartridge / Extension

If you have any questions about a customweb module, please contact the colleagues at customweb as your module manufacturer directly.

Computop is your processing service provider and you use the Paygate processing platform, however we are unable to answer questions in relation to modules or shop systems in general.
The specialist for the shop systems and especially the integration of our platform into the shop system is customweb. You are welcome to contact

Please include the information (1-5) when you send a request to Customweb.

1.) Which shop system version do you currently use?
2.) Which module version is installed?
3.) Which additional plugins were installed in the shop system?
4.) Please generate an FTP account in advance and send the account data in your request so that customweb can directly access the shop.
5.) Please describe in detail with the aid of screenshots.

You can find the latest available version of your module at: Https:// with your respective module under Change Log.

If you do not have the latest version installed, it is recommended to compete this action. If the error still occurs, please contact customweb, specifying the items 1-5.

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