What you require

In order to process Amazon Pay for you, it is necessary that you observe a few important points.

In order to process Amazon Pay payments for you, it is necessary that you make the following settings in your Amazon account (SellerCentral).

Note: Please note that an existing seller account for selling through Amazon cannot be used for Amazon Pay. If you do not have an Amazon Pay account yet, you can register here.

Amazon Account Configuration:

  1. Configure the Computop Paygate Notify URL
    Enter the Computop Integrator URL in the SellerCentral: https://www.computop-paygate.com/AmazonAPANotify.aspx
  2. Generate one-time MWS Auth Token
    Please enter the following URLs with the corresponding Computop identification and confirm the license agreement.
    Country Code URL Developer Name Developer Account Number
    DE https://developer.amazonservices.de Computop GmbH 0143-6461-8727
    UK https://developer.amazonservices.co.uk Computop Ltd 8662-2365-9858
    JP https://developer.amazonservices.jp/ Computop GmbH 2503-7061-2385

Additional Information

  • Notify
    Please note that the parameter URLNotify is mentioned as optional in the documentation. However this is only the case, when a static URLNotify is setup for you in the Paygate. If you do not want to have a static URLNotify in the Paygate, the parameter with the URL must be transferred per transaction.
  • Paygate Parameter OrderDesc
    For the automatic eMail dispatch from Amazon to the customer the OrderDesc is included. Therefore Computop suggests that the merchant includes the customer number etc.
  • Transfer payment reference
    In the case of AmazonAPA only the PayID -is at Amazon the SellerID- resp. the XID of the particular action will be transferred. Therefore you can only identify the customer/item with those parameters.
  • Information address data
    In the case of Amazon Payments there is no possibility to submit an own shop-/customer address. That means, the address data will be provided from Amazon exclusively and have to be used for the delivery -see Amazon contract-.
  • Tests via Amazon Sandbox
    In the standard an authorization is only valid 2 days in the Sandbox and has to be captured in this time window for the test.
    Additionally please note, that several requests at the same time can be declined in the sandbox with following error.
    Information Amazon:
    This operation has a maximum request quota of 10 and a restore rate of one request every second in the production environment. It has a maximum request quota of two and a restore rate of one request every two seconds in the sandbox environment. For definitions of throttling terminology and for a complete explanation of throttling, see Throttling: Limits to how often you can submit requests http://docs.developer.amazonservices.com/en_DE/dev_guide/DG_Throttling.html?ld=APDELPADirect in the Amazon MWS Developer Guide.
    Description=Not allowed

What we require

In order to process Amazon Pay payments for you, we need the following data from you:

  • APA MerchantId
  • MWS AuthToken
  • Store Name

Please send us the necessary information by email to helpdesk@computop.com.

We will inform you once the setup has been completed.


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