What we require

In order to process TWINT payments for you, we ask you to provide us with the following configuration data:

  • Merchant-ID/UUID/'alias' of your TWINT account
    As stated on the TWINT documentation as well, we require the alias (UUID/Merchant-ID) of your Point of Sale for the correct setup of TWINT on our end. For information on how to configure your TWINT merchant, please consult the point below.

What you require

To allow Computop to process TWINT payments for you, you must have a TWINT merchant account and have configured it accordingly.
You will find instructions for this in the TWINT documentation. After successful setup, please send your alias (UUID/Merchant-ID) to us.


Please send us the necessary information by email to helpdesk@computop.com.

We will inform you once the setup has been completed.

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