Computop provides you a programming example of the responsive credit card form online:

Please find further information about the form in our current programming handbook in the chapter "Corporate Paypage".
The XSL and XML files will be transformed for the different browsers automatically. Therefore, please make sure that both files can be loaded in browsers correctly.
The complete code must show up without any error messages. If errors occur the code and the used tags have to be corrected.
In order to call the template, please add the following parameter to the request: &template=templatename
Please keep in mind to provide new versions until 3:30 p.m. -UTC+01:00- at the latest to assure processing on the same day.
*** Obligatory changes within the template ***
Rename the XSL/XML file according to our specs (e.g. MerchantID_PaySSL.xsl, MerchantID_PaySSL.xml).
Rename the images folder according to our specs (e.g. ImagesMerchantID) and also consider to change the links within the XSL file accordingly. 

*** Important information if you are using the standard payment page in an iFrame ***
The size of the responsive credit card form is larger than the standard form if used in a regular browser. Therefore, we recommend to review all sorts of varieties in combination with the iFrame.

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