What we require

In order to process payments using the payment provider easyCash, two steps are necessary:

  • Provide the Webshop-ID and the corresponding password of the easyCredit test system.
    The Webshop-ID is given to you via an initial easyCredit eMail, for which you must then create a password.

Note: As soon as the tests on your part have been completed, please contact the easyCredit email address ratenkauf@easycredit.de to request acceptance tests by the easyCredit team.

Once acceptance has been successfully completed, the second step follows:

  • Create a password for the existing Webshop-ID in the live system and forward the data to Computop.

Please send us the necessary information by email to helpdesk@computop.com.

We will inform you once the setup has been completed.

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