What you require

In order to process giropay for you, it is necessary that you observe a few important points.

To carry out tests with your test account, please use the following data. If you do not have a test account yet, please contact us by email helpdesk@computop.com

  • Positive result
    IBAN: DE46940594210000012345
    Login: sepatest1
    PIN: xxxxx
    TAN: 123456

  • Negative result
    IBAN: DE46940594210000012345
    You may use any desired value for the masked data. 

Note: To avoid duplicate transactions as well as rejections always include a unique value in the parameter RefNr.

What we require

In order to set up the payment method giropay in our system, please provide the following information:

  • FTGMerchantId (contact your Acquirer)
  • FTGextMerchantId (VU-Nr.) (contact your Acquirer)
  • BIC
  • IBAN


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