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In order to process Bancontact payments for you, it is necessary that you observe a few important points.

Paygate Integration - Bancontact via PPRO

To connect Bancontact via PPRO please use the Computop Paygate Documentation.

Note: A special feature compared to standard credit card payments is that the parameter "AccOwner" must be passed in the requests.

Settlement of Bancontact transactions via the Computop Settlement File

You can close off (close open items) Bancontact transactions via Computop Settlement File (CTSF). The reason for this is that PPRO only makes its own settlement files available to PSPs (Computop).
The current specification can be found in the Computop Paygate documentation.

  • Example transaction statement of a successful payment
    710,TransID,EUR,2698,2698,07.06.2019 15:32:57,OK,RefNr,,07.06.2019 15:33:24,OrderDesc,livechannel#bcmc#BE#n/a#fixed_fee=0.22#fixed_fee_currency=EUR#external_fee=0.00#external_fee_currency=EUR#minimum_discount_fee=0.00#discount_rate=0,1-32-081-W-2019-27,09.06.2019
  • Example transaction statement of a failed payment
    Since in the case of PPRO the transactions are also charged with a transaction price of 0.22€, we also show the failed payments. The failed transactions always have a Transaction Date = 01.01.1970 01:00:00 and additionally in the column "Amount Capture" the value "0".

    710,TransID,EUR,48090,0,06.06.2019 11:14:12,OK,RefNr,,01.01.1970 01:00:00,OrderDesc,livechannel#bcmc#BE#n/a#fixed_fee=0.22#fixed_fee_currency=EUR#external_fee=0.00#external_fee_currency=EUR#minimum_discount_fee=0.00#discount_rate=0,1-32-081-W-2019-27,09.06.2019

    Note: The Merchant / Paygate IDs given in the CTSF are the following, i.e. these IDs are sent by you in the request for each payment and Computop shows them accordingly in the CTSF.
    • TransID
    • RefNr
    • OrderDesc

  • PPRO Wire Fee billing
    Please note that PPRO generates a wire fee and you will be charged €10.00 per wire transfer. This means that this item must be taken into account when importing/processing the payout.

  • File name description
    The file name differs depending on whether you download the file via Analytics or sFTP.
    • Analytics Download:
    • SFTP Download:


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